Chris Bowser Review: Misconceptions of Selling on Amazon

Misconceptions of selling on Amazon-review by Chris Bowser


Amazon is one of the greatest ecommerce websites which houses millions of products and records that has a huge amount of sales every year. When sales occur, Amazon takes care of everything right from the shipment costs to the customer service. If there are problems in a customer transaction, Amazon handles that for the sellers too. However, there is a lot of incertitude about selling on Amazon. In this article, Chris Bowser, a billion dollar online seller who conducts workshops for selling on Amazon, discusses the misconceptions of selling on Amazon.

Amazon is just like any other ecommerce website

Of course not! Amazon is more than just an ecommerce website. It has millions of users and serves as a magnificent platform for many salesmen. You save yourself time when you are selling on Amazon since Amazon takes care of the processing, shipping and customer service. It even handles customer complaints with ease. When users find sellers on Amazon, they tend to trust them. Such is the reputation that Amazon FBA has earned over the years.

It is too hard to sell on Amazon

It is not difficult for a new user to sell on Amazon since Amazon has laid down efficient processes for fulfillment. All you have to do is identify a good and list it on the website followed by shipment of the goods to the Amazon warehouses. The rest of the processes are handled by Amazon. This results in less hassle and more comfort. Customers will be satisfied and sellers have to spend less time on phone calls and customer orientation.

It is intimidating to enter Amazon as it is overcrowded

People think that Amazon is overcrowded and it is difficult to enter Amazon. However, Amazon is growing year after year and the new sellers’ products will surely find a place on Amazon.

Special labeling is crucial for the product to sell

Naming the product privately is not that important. Sellers can just add the title and sell on Amazon. Sellers need not give the brand name or the logo.

A seller cannot triumph by selling on Amazon

This is a glaring myth since Amazon is reaching almost 100 billion users. Sales are growing year after year.

 A seller needs to get more number of reviews on Amazon for his products to sell

This is a totally false notion. A seller does not need a particular or a huge number of reviews in order for the product to sell. Of course they need good reviews for a product to sell in great quantities, but just for selling a product, he does not need any reviews.

Ecommerce email marketing

Adam Bowser tips for ecommerce email marketing

Ecommerce marketing keeps re-inventing itself in the sense that many marketing techniques keep cropping up perennially beating the ones emerging before them. Email marketing also follows this trend. Many email marketing trends are coming up while companies adopt the best among them to stay on top. In this article, Adam Bowser gives tips that are given for ecommerce email marketing that can benefit you immensely.

Follow up on product delivery

Don’t wait or sit idle once you deliver the product. The work is not over! You must follow up on the customers. This can include sending emails for thanking, helping them out on issues, requesting for feedback, and thanking them for the same. Email marketing involves following up and is very crucial to customer satisfaction.

Follow up on category

Once a product is sold in a category, you should follow up with that person who has purchased the product. You can send them emails highlighting new arrivals in that category, incentives for product purchases, and also discounts on offers. In essence, following up on category is also a part of email marketing strategy


Targeting a person who has entered your website, but does not buy anything is vital for ecommerce email marketing. When a person enters your website for the first time, he may not buy anything, but if he is targeted repeatedly, he will surely change his mind and purchase something. Ecommerce companies send emails repeatedly to such visitors and target them.

Broadcasting messages

Email broadcasting is a great marketing strategy and it is something similar to advertising on social media and these groups of people can share ideas, interact with each other, suggest product improvements and so on. This will also promote word-of the mouth marketing and brand loyalty.

Personalized email messages

Personalized email messages are those email messages which are sent to match customer behavior. For instance, a customer who abandons the shopping cart is sent an email along with the cart content. Those who exit from your website at some point are sent emails with those points through group segmentation. Personalized emails are better than newsletters since customization improves brand loyalty and enhances conversion rates also. Don’t avoid newsletters, but do send out personalized emails.

Email content

The content in email messages should be such that it entices customers. Don’t be rude when you ask for something. Reply to customer queries or answer them while they send you impolite comments about your company, services, products, etc. This is basic email marketing etiquette. If you are polite to them and help them resolve their issues in spite of them being rude, they will respond with positive feedback and this will earn you a good reputation as a seller.

Attracting and preserving customers for ecommerce

Every ecommerce business needs to attract and build a strong customer base to progress and be successful. Not just this, you have to keep them coming back. Customers are the treasure of your business and you should cherish them. You should find ways to make them happy continually and that’s when they come back to your store to buy products. Ask yourself why Amazon and eBay have earned success over the years. It is because they satisfy their customers any way they can and thus have managed to not just maintain, but also increase their user strength. You as ecommerce owners and professionals must think about strategies to attract customers and make your buyer persona loyal to you. In this article, Chris Bowser, an expert online seller and a mentor, gives tips on how to preserve and attract customers for your ecommerce business. Read this Chris Bowser seminar to find out more.

To attract customers

Use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is about marketing your product through individuals or groups of people who have a special status in society. Influencers mostly comprise of celebrities, lawyers, doctors, teachers , and so forth. Products often get encrypted in people’s minds when they are marketed by influencers due to the charm that they radiate. This is especially true of celebrity influencers. For instance, an unexceptional notepad was marketed by David Beckham and it was a roaring success. Sometimes books, pens, and schools can be marketed by college professors and teachers as they can spread important messages on that subject. Simply said, use appropriate influencer marketing to entice users.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping works out tremendously well. You can offer programs which give free shipping for a purchase of over a certain amount and customers then buy more products to avail of the free shipping. This is a method to attract customers.

To attract as well as to retain them

To attract as well as to retain them

Pay extra attention to them

When customers visit your store, they like to feel extra special. You have to devise ways to make them experience that. You can send them details about products just launched on their email newsletters or you can call them to ask them about a product that they have purchased and just started using.  When they give bad reviews, take it as a suggestion or a useful tip to improve your product and then thank them. They will be impressed and feel an attachment towards you. In result, you end up retaining them as customers.

Come up with attractive brand loyalty programs

Brand loyalty programs are those which give discounts, coupons, reward points and gifts to customers. This is to make customers happy and give them a useful user experience. Customers feel really happy when they see discounted products and they are bound to come back to your website.  For example, offer reward points like, if you buy for 1 rupee per day, you add 5 reward points to your kitty and that is nothing but 50 reward points. You will surely retain your customer base through such programs.

Avoid international ecommerce frauds

International frauds involve heavier amounts of money and such frauds will lead to massive loss of finance for businesses, customers, and reputation for businesses. Because of this, businesses have to be very alert when they transact internationally. There are a number of international frauds like non-consignment, creating fake documents, marketing hoaxes, thefts, piracy, false reporting, and so on. In this article, Adam Bowser discusses 2 common international scams and gives tips to avoid them. Read these Adam Bowser scam guidelines to prevent these two international ecommerce frauds as much as possible.

Non-delivery scam

This is a scam in which the customer claims that he has not received the product that has been shipped. To prevent such frauds, you can do the following.

    Before you deliver something to a customer, request a valid telephone number from them via email. Fraudsters will not give you valid telephone numbers since they know that the call can be traced, but they will use email.

  • Make sure to attach the customer’s signature to the delivery package: This step can safeguard you against many international delivery frauds and financial losses. Before you have to deliver a package, email the customer requesting for their signature and tell them that they will have the product consigned only if they give their signature. This way, you can give evidence when the fraudster claims non delivery and chargeback.

Deceptive marketing or advertisement frauds

These types of frauds involve bait advertising which include

  • Advertisements which claim to sell goods at attractively lower prices, but actually initiate selling most expensive goods
  • Advertisements which market products which do not exist. These are presented in such a way that they appear to be big bargains for the consumers. These are actually advertised so that the consumer begins to do business with the firm or the merchant.
  • Some disastrous advertisement mails containing attachments that solicit payments for unordered goods. For instance: An advertisement may come saying that there is a free software, but once you finish installing it , it will request for a payment and such frauds create high tensions and losses for the consumers.

These types of advertisement hoaxes are damaging not just to consumers, but also to businesses. They use the names of reputed companies and thus damage their reputation as well.

Preventive measures for deceptive marketing and advertisement frauds

There are hard regulations which permit legal actions against such frauds but when it comes to international selling, it becomes tough to implement legal actions due to practical difficulties. In these cases, there are soft regulations which have self help groups sending out materials which contain information on the types of frauds and how to identify them. You can join such groups and prevent such cross border deceptive marketing frauds.

Attract and retain customers to your online shopping site

guidelines to attract and retain customers to your online shopping site

Customer service is very crucial for a business. If it is done with high efficiency, the traffic to the website increases and there is a consequent rise in sales and profits for the ecommerce business. In this article, Chris Bowser gives guidelines to attract and retain customers to your online store.

Answer customer queries promptly and properly

Don’t delay in answering customer queries. Postponement in this area will irritate customers. They want their queries to be resolved fast. The answers must be convincing and proper. You must train your customer service executives in such a way that they answer queries properly and quickly.

Create support for customers

Implement support for customers in various ways

  • Have online support material and help pages
  • Implement live chat
  • Have customer executives to attend phone calls
  • Offer help through email

The support center should help customers resolve issues they have with the product or the website.

Live chat

It decreases time and cost consumption since live chat answers customer queries quickly. Time is saved ultimately and cost is also reduced.

Improve presence on social media

You should regularly post on social media. The content must be really enticing. The content must be written in attractive, yet simple language. Include images and videos wherever possible and let the posts be highly comprehensible. Social media should be used to target specific groups of customers based on likes and dislikes of customers. You can promote word of mouth marketing through social media and thus offer social proof. If you are a startup online shopping firm, social media will help to popularize your brand quickly and thus attract customers to your website. You can offer special incentives and coupons on social media and promote brand loyalty among your regular customers.


Shipping should be prompt and timely and customers hate delayed shipping. The wait will frustrate them and this will lead to loss of customers and negative reviews. On the other hand. Prompt and timely shipping will create positive feedback and retention of customers. You can even ship before time and nowadays customers are ready to pay extra to get their product before time. Free shipping can also be implemented and customers love the word free. They will feel interested to buy your product due to free shipping offers.

Improve your online shopping website

You should improve your online shopping website by doing the following

  • Reduce website load time
  • Improve website navigation
  • Post attractive content
  • Use good web design techniques
  • Make your site mobile responsive
  • Help the site navigation on multiple channels
  • Improve checkout process and hence avoid shopping cart abandonment


These are some of the myths of selling on Amazon as discussed by Chris Bowser. Chris is a successful billion dollar online seller. He has trained many people in various topics of online selling. He along with his brother are the founders of the online auction learning center. He travels widely to train people. His story of success will inspire budding salesmen.

Misconceptions of selling on Amazon-review by Chris Bowser
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Misconceptions of selling on Amazon-review by Chris Bowser
Chris Bowser, a billion dollar online seller who conducts workshops for selling on Amazon
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